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Dads R us is a group for Dads/Male Carers in the North & East Halifax area, providing a fun and safe environment for Dads/male carers to spend quality time with their children, with the added bonus of a free breakfast run monthly with themed activities and events plus various annual out bound trips. All events start at 9.30am unless specified otherwise and membership is only £5 per year.

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Dads R Us hold a regular monthly meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month at different venues within North & East Halifax. The monthly meeting provides a safe place for dads and male carers to get together to enjoy a full cooked breakfast whilst the children benefit from the various activities and equipment available.

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For further information, please contact Nathan on 07943486333 or by email:

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Dads R Us have an allotment at Innovations Children’s Centre and are always looking for help to maintain the allotment, for more information, please ring Nathan on the number above or vist


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  ….because babies don’t come with a set of instructions.

We know that dads want important information on how to care for their new baby, and what to expect. The DadPad® can help, by giving you the knowledge and practical skills that you need in order to give your baby the best start in life, look after yourself and support your partner.

What you need to know about The DadPad:

Is an easy-to-use, up-to-date resource for dads-to-be and new dads

  • It covers topic such as
  • Feeding, holding, changing and cleaning your baby
  • Surviving without sleep and coping with crying
  • Getting to know your baby
  • First aid
  • Child development
  • Looking after yourself and supporting your partner

How do I get a Dadpad?

The DadPads are for first time fathers -to -be and will be given out when you attend Antenatal Clinics when you attend with your partner. If you cannot attend don’t worry….. your partner can bring a consent form home for you to complete as we will need to contact you after a few months for some feedback and once the signed consent form is returned we will hand out your DadPad (while stocks last)

Quote from Julian Bose, Director of Inspire Cornwall CIC:

“The DadPad was created because babies don’t come with a set of instructions, and dads told us that there was important information that they wanted to be given on what to expect and how to care for their baby.  We listened to what dads, their partners and health professionals asked for and combined it all in the DadPad.

“We are excited to have been given the opportunity by the team at North Halifax Partnership Sure Start Children’s Centres to launch the DadPad in Yorkshire for the first time.”

Useful links for dads

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