Activities to try at home with your children

Hello and welcome to all the Parent and Carers of our young children accessing our services across North and East Halifax and Lower Valley areas.

In response to schools closing following the government guidance surrounding Covid -19 staff at Sure Start North Halifax Partnership have put together this web page to help our service users through this challenging time offering fun and educational activities including tips on managing your child’s behaviour through reward charts and other fun activities.

Keep checking back as we are uploading new activities every few days!

How to use the time out strategy 

How to use reward charts

Germ Experiment

Family Discussions

School Readiness

Marble Jars 

Rainbow Fruit Skewers 

Praise is magic

0 – 5 Managing Behaviours

Spring chick counting activity

‘Strike up the band’

Our Family Communication Jar

Frozen Fun


Marble Run

Muffin Tin Play

Jobs around the house for all

Grow your own rainbow

18 Early Years Literacy Games and Activities

Bowling Alley

Continent Activity

Home Made Play dough

Home Made Salt Dough Decorations

Joe Wicks Workout Cards

Joe Wicks Workout Log

Toilet Roll tube Trinket Display

Top 10 Sensory Play Activities

Mini work out

Home Schooling Activity Routine

Maths Activity 

Painting with water

0-2 home learning pack

2-5 Home Learning pack

Paper airplane


Sure Start Children’s Centres accept no responsibility for the advice given by accessing these links.

Early Years MattersWith a FREE membership on the Early Years Matters Website you can get useful top tips for your developing child and ideas on how to support your baby’s learning and development. With a range of tips from birth to 5 years old. Click here to view the website.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Parents Guide document gives an explanation of how to use the Early Years Outcomes document. Click here to view.


Have you met the Big Blue Bookstart Bear at your nearest Children’s Centre and received your free bookstart book. Every Children Centre has a lead person who promotes bookstart activities and feel free to make enquiries but for further information you can view the Bookstart website which contains lots of resources and ideas in supporting you as a parent/ carer in offering communication and language opportunities for promoting successful outcomes through your child’s development stages. Click here to view the website.

Words for lifeThe Words for Life website has all the information on communication and language milestones from baby to 11 years old. Containing plenty of recommended reads and fun stuff to do with your child in promoting their learning journey. Click here to view the website.

Net mums

Register as a Netmum for FREE and find parental support everyday through live active chats topics such as needing ‘cool’ boys names to urgent help with formula milk. Keep up to date with events in your area. You can also find advice on breastfeeding, potty training, weaning….you name it, its there!! Click here to view the website.

Foundation yearsFamilies in the foundation years website provides links that takes you through the main life stages all families experience from preparing for parenthood through to starting reception class. Each section gives an outline of the huge range of information available to you to help in making choices and plans. It also provides links to other websites offering more information if needed. Click here to view the website.

Although this link has been written for practitioners in Early Years it is full of invaluable information that Parent and Carers can successfully implement at home through their daily and routines. It is full of information about the importance of play and how children learn through play.  What a better way to support your child through their learning journey but through play. Click here to view.

This document underlines the importance of play and offers suggestions of things you can do and what should be avoided so to best suite your child. It also lists some suggestions of what type of toys suit play better. Click here to view.

Pampers website is more than just about the nappy! It is full of useful developmental information and tried and tested tips from pregnancy to preschool (24+Pampers months). Covering topics such as Healthy eating for when your pregnant, What your Baby’s cries could tell you, Baby sleep solutions, Potty- training , Help your toddler learn to play with others and much much more.Click here to view the website.

Communication trust

Listen up….being able to communicate is not just about talking. If you want further information click on this website.

Do you ever wonder why children do the things they do? For example drop things from their high chairs, line things up, or always bringing stuff over to you. Well this is the website for you. Find the answers here to why some children do what we may find to be odd or funny. It is called schema behaviour and it is a completely natural way for children to make sense of their world. Click here to view.

Change for life

Look after yourself and your family by looking at the Change 4 Life website and keep the body and mind fit and ready to learn and develop. Click here to view the website.

What is a treasure basket? Getting started. Why are treasure baskets so important?

Click the fact sheet below to find out.

Treasure Basket Activities to try at home with your baby’