Ofsted: Wellholme Park Children’s Centre

We are extremely pleased to announce that Wellholme Park Children’s Centre nursery has received an ‘Outstanding’ outcome on a recent unannounced Osted inspection.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

“There is a superior awareness of safeguarding issues and staff’s collaborative working with other key agencies is exemplary.”

“Staff have high expectations for all children. Their firm belief that all children are competent learner’s leads to exceptional commitment to inclusion.”

“Staff model excellent social skills, which has a positive impact on children’s behaviour and friendships.”

“The nursery has an exceptional commitment to improving children’s health and wellbeing”

“Children show high levels of motivation, curiosity and creativity and their learning is enhanced because of staff’s high quality interaction.”

“Children are happy, social skills and independence is promoted, children in pre-school are well ready for the next step.”

Read the report (PDF)