Book Recommendation – Shark in the Park

Timothy Pope,

Timothy Pope,

what can you see through your telescope?

Is there really a shark in the park?

Go on, be brave,

open the book and see!

Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt


Make a telescope using cardboard tubes (kitchen roll, gift wrap, pringles tube).

Look through the telescope and see what you can see. Play I Spy.

Take your telescope when you visit the park. Can you see something different?

Through your telescope, watch your child go up and down on the see-saw and go down the slide.

If it is a windy day, take a kite to the park. If you don’t have a kite, or there is no wind, you could also use a floaty scarf to run with.

Talk about the black cat and the crow in the story and make cat and crow noises. Also, look out for crows and cats when you are out and about.