Pregnancy Support

The below information is provided by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust and Better Births Calderdale and Huddersfield Maternity Services.

Maternity Enquiry Line

Monday-Friday 9am-1pm

01484 355 754

You can phone the Maternity Enquiry Line to speak to a Maternity Support Worker about any non-urgent pregnancy related matters, such as:

· Any changes to your Community Midwife appointments

· General pregnancy support and advice

· To pass a message on to your Midwife

· To speak about postnatal care and support

· To request a free prescriptions form

· To request a MatB1

My Pregnancy Notes

Visit to:

· Register your pregnancy

· Find pregnancy information and resources

· View your care plan and check your appointments

· Submit questions to your Midwife (to be answered at your next appointment)

· Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

01422 224 415

Call if  you are 6-16 weeks pregnant and have pain or bleeding

Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC)

01422 224 392

If  you are over 16 weeks pregnant and have emergency pregnancy symptoms, such as:

· Your baby’s movements are less than normal

· Abdominal pain

· Vaginal bleeding

· Significant itching without a rash

· Severe headaches/visual disturbances

· You think your waters have broken

· You are very worried about yourself or your baby

Your GP Surgery

See your GP for all non-pregnancy related matters, or to:

· Review your current medication(s)

· Pregnancy sickness

· To get the Flu or Whooping Cough vaccination

· Postnatal contraception

If you live outside of Calderdale/Kirklees

Your booking appointment, blood tests, scans and any consultant appointments will be at Antenatal Clinic 01422 224580.

Your antenatal and postnatal appointments, and any non-urgent care, will be with a Community Midwife in your local area.

Please phone MAC or the Birth Centre as appropriate when you think you are in labour.

You are welcome to attend the in-house Antenatal Classes.

If you think you’re in Labour

If you are under 37 weeks pregnant or booked to give birth on Labour Ward ring:

Maternity Assessment Centre  01422 224 392

If you are over 37 weeks pregnant and booked to

Birth at the Birth Centre or at Home ring:

The Birth Centre  01422 224 417

After your baby is born

If you have a question about yourself or your baby in the first 28 days following birth  you can call the Maternity

Enquiry Line on 01484 355 754

Out of hours and during the night, if you need urgent  advice you can phone the ward that you were discharged from:

Ward 4                                          01422 224 249

Birth Centre                                 01422 224 417

Maternity Assessment Centre       01422 224 392

Mental Health Support (24h)

01924 316 830

0800 183 0558

Go to the maternity service website to take the virtual tour, get updated information, and find out about antenatal classes, local support services, and lots more:

If you are unable to attend your antenatal hospital appointments, clinics, scans, or tests, please phone:

Calderdale 01422 224580

Huddersfield 01484 342666

In an emergency dial 999