Parents Forum

Are you a parent living in the North and East Halifax and Lower Valley Areas?

 Can you contribute to support your local Children’s Centre?

 Sure Start Children’s Centres NHP

 Parents Forum needs you!

 Why do we want you to be involved?

As part of the Children’s Centre guidance we are required to obtain feedback from users on Children’s Centre Services. How we do this is in our area is through the Parents Forum.

 We feel it is important for Parents to have a voice and increase their active involvement with Children’s Centre Services.

 Who can attend?

Any parent/carer with a child/ren ages 0-19 who lives in North and East Halifax and Lower Valley areas.

Is it for you?

The meetings are very informal and normally take place alongside family activities.  It is an ideal opportunity to meet other parents and have a natter, share ideas over a cuppa and a bun!

Knowledge that you have helped make a difference.

How can you Contribute?

We meet once a term at various Children’s Centres across North & East Halifax and Lower Valley areas.  The meetings are held at varying times which include Saturday and combine them with family activities so children are welcome.

All feedback is taken seriously and considered by the Area Management Team.

You would be able to give your views and be listened to.

Your opinions will be valued.