Breastfeeding, baby and me – 3 week course throughout September

This is a 3 weeks course run by Calderdale Breastfeeding Peer Support Service.

Designed to support you in the early weeks and months of your breastfeeding journey. 

The sessions take place at Innovations Children’s Centre in a relaxed environment.

Phone 03003045076 to book your place – please note group sizes are small (6 per session).

Week 1 – Breastfeeding, the early weeks, and me

Topic of the week

“In a world where everything is measured it can be nerve-wracking when you can’t see how much your breasts are making”.

What to expect with breastfeeding in the early weeks and how to tell when breastfeeding is going well.

Week 2 – Breastfeeding, Night-time, and me

Topic of the week

“It’s normal and essential that babies have regular feeds and contact …. Even in the night”

What a typical evening with your baby might be like and why night feeds are important. 

Week 3 – Breastfeeding out and about and me

Topic of the week

“Breastfeeding is the ultimate travel food, it is always available at the right temperature, and you won’t run out even if you get delayed!”

We hope that over the past weeks your confidence has grown to feed your baby when away from the home. 

Time to share ideas as you move on with your breastfeeding journey…….

We will support you with getting the best latch for you and your baby. We know everyone is different and we will help you find a comfy position that suits you and your baby.

September sessions 10-11am

Session 1 – 15th September 2022

Session 2- 22nd September 2022

Session 3 – 29th September 2022