Have you had a Positive Breastfeeding Experience?

Calderdale Public Health would like to hear your stories of breastfeeding your baby.

In Calderdale there are areas where breast-feeding rates are low. Calderdale Public Health are gathering stories from mums in these areas who have had positive breastfeeding experiences, to understand what has worked well and how to make it even better.

The insight gathered will inform Calderdale’s Infant Feeding Strategy – a plan to create more of the good stuff.

They are particularly keen to hear from mums who live in Central Halifax (Park and Town ), Ovenden, Mixenden and Illingworth areas.

* To take part in the survey, you must be currently breastfeeding your baby with any amount of breastmilk, either fully breastfeeding, expressing, exclusively pumping or combination feeding or partially breastfeeding or have been in the last 5 years.

* All feedback will be anonymised – you don’t need to give your name; we won’t say who said what.

Here’s the link to the Google Form that you can fill out


The survey should take between 10-15 mins to fill out. You have only until the 23rd February 2024 to share your feedback.

If you are unable to access the online form, you can complete the survey over the phone or arrange a conversation to provide feedback by contacting Kate from Ideas Alliance on 07469507296